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Our History

Few people dare to embark on the great adventure of entrepreneurship. The risks are many and the road to success is hard and filled of unforeseen events. An extra dose of determination and enthusiasm is essential to achieving success.

Vincent St-Germain proved his determination and demonstrated the motivation needed to follow his dreams to the end. He founded the company at the age of 21, and quickly carved out a place for himself in a highly competitive and challenging market. Throughout his career, he strived for excellence and established a solid corporate culture based on his personal values: innovation, determination, motivation and excellence. Today, Équipement St-Germain ranks among the leading players in Quebec’s heavy equipment rental industry.





  • Meeting the specific rental needs of our on-site customers
  • Providing professional and fast oversize and heavy hauling services
  • Always strive for efficiency


  • Integrity and dedication
  • Forming honest and trust-based relationships
  • Exceeding industry expectations
  • Valuing our employees and developing their know-how
  • Reconciling work and family life


Équipement St-Germain is headed by a team of passionate, ambitious, tenacious and challenge-driven young managers, all of them involved in the daily activities of the company. Thanks to the dynamism of our company and the entire team, we stand out from the competition. Our employees are all very motivated and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Highly skilled, and always on top of the latest innovations, our employees are key to maintaining our leadership position.


Building a dynamic, competent and passionate team able to satisfy our customers’ every need.


Christmas time - 2019

The holidays season brings us closer together, highlighting the importance of being there for each others. 

To help some local families, Equipement St-Germain decided to do its part taking an active role in the Santa Claus parade in Ste-Julie. 

Handing out gifts and donations, we collaborated closely with La Maison de l'Entraide during this wonderful event. 

Giving back to our community makes the holidays season even more magical. 

Work-life balance

Finding a balance between family life and busy work schedules is not an easy task for some of us.

As an active company, we believe that it is our duty to promote a healthy balance in the daily lives of our employees.

A few weeks ago, we took advantage of an educational day to introduce the importance of work-life balance. We organized a special Christmas day with decorations, music and wore pyjamas, for a festive holiday's ambiance. 

AQEI Gala - 2019

The Quebec Infrastructure Contractors Association (AQEI) is a provincial association representing general contractors working in the field of civil engineering and signage.

Their vision is simple: to become the reference association across Quebec in infrastructure projects. Our participation in fundraising activities allows this organization to support a number of companies in this ever-changing industry and to represent the common interests of members with the authorities and stakeholders.

We proudly encourage organizations that promise the safety of the public and those who are engaged in these industries.

Oyster and Chefs evening - Pierre Boucher Hospital Foundation

On October 23, the gourmet oyster and chefs evening was held at the Richelieu Valley Golf Club.

The generosity of volunteers, participants and partners contributed to the success of the event for this worthy cause.

Nearly $ 93,000 was raised for the Pierre Boucher Hospital Foundation during this evening.

In order for the organization to continue their mission, we will continue to display our colors as a partner in fundraising activities. The human being at the heart of the care.

NRJ Golf for Operation Enfant Soleil - 2019

In 2019, close to 120 awards will be made across the province to adapt hospital care to the needs of children.

To date, the organization has donated $ 240 million to major pediatrics centers and regional organizations, thanks to the commitment of dedicated partners and donations collected at various events.

For another year, we are proud to have contributed to this cause to support the development of quality pediatrics for all sick children in Quebec.

Every dollar donated can change their lives.

Little miracles do not happen alone .


Back to school is a key moment in the year for the children's path. We wanted to make a difference in their lives and get involved in supporting families in our community. Equipment St-Germain Inc. has enabled the purchase of many school supplies, offering an equal opportunity to teach many children in our sector.

We would like to thank the Ste-Julie Maison de l’entraide, for their collaboration with our team, and the Boucherville Bureau en gros, which allowed us to reduce the amount of the bill.

Being actively involved in our community is a core value of our business and we are proud to have been involved in this cause. 


The goal of the Minor Baseball Association of Beloeil is to promote the physical, moral, intellectual and social development of players. The Association focuses on participation and performance, while teaching young people team spirit and openness. Sharing these values has an impact on member’s way of being and acting, which is reflected off the field.

We share these values and believe that it is important, as a company, to get involved in our community and strengthen the success of our succession.

Equipement St-Germain Inc. is a proud partner of the Beloeil Minor Baseball Association and supports their deployment.


The Foundation contributes to the realization of Pierre Boucher's priority projects for the ultimate benefit of the patients of the institution and their families. This support touches as much the acquisition of medical equipment and high-tech care, as works to improve the environment of care and practice of doctors and employees.

Equipement St-Germain Inc. is proud to support this cause to improve the health and well-being of the population.

Every dollar donated can make a difference.


Operation Enfant Soleil is the largest chain of solidarity to help sick children in Quebec. The organization plans, in collaboration with its partners, various events and various campaigns throughout the year. Your donations help to provide children with high quality care and a better quality of life during hospitalization by creating spaces that are conducive to their recovery.

Equipement St-Germain Inc. provides support to Operation Enfant Soleil by sponsoring the NRJ Inc golf event. We are proud to partner with this cause by supporting one of our business partners.

Together, we can accomplish very great things and help to offer them the best.



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